We develop your embedded ideas

Electronics development/engineering

Cartes électronique

After a phase of collective brainstorming on a problem or a need, we will suggest you the most suitable solution for your architecture.

Thanks to our joint skills in electronics and software, we will grant the coherence between the hardware and the high-level need for a feasible product.

We can then take in charge the CAD development of the board, schematics and layout, and provide you with the complete fabrication files.

High speed signals, controlled impedance and power will be routed with the greatest care. Moreover, the routing guidelines to respect the EMC will be applied. Of course we also keep an eye on the long term supplying options of the solution.

Finally, only a solid exchange with your team will grant an easy and quick assimilation of the solution and a perfect integration within your existing architecture

The key of the success of your project is the communication.