We develop your embedded ideas

Our LINUX skills:


Close to the open-source world, Koncepto puts at your disposal its expertise in order to follow you in the successfull achievement of your project in an embedded Linux environment.

Thanks to its double skill in HW and SW, Koncepto will be able to help your team in the support of your new HW platform integrating all of the needed SW and peripheral drivers.

Koncepto will provide you with the bricks needed for the support of your HW platform through a BSP (Board Support Package) managed thanks to the Yocto Project. This will allow your team to dispose of the most well-known projects and open-source tools:

  • U-Boot (Bootloader)
  • Linux kernel
  • Userspace applications (systemd, psplash, …)

If your company uses a different compiling system (PTXdist, Buildroot) and wishes to transfer its products to the Yocto Project, Koncepto is the ideal partner to teach and train your team.

We have a great expertise in the use and development of the Yocto Project, allowing you to decrease costs and delay of your project.

In Koncepto we grant a great importance to security, that’s why we can follow you on critical topics of embedded systems such as:

  • Secure Boot,
  • Secure remote update,
  • Trust-Zone use.