We develop your embedded ideas

Thanks to its solid knowledge in electronics, Koncepto will follow you in the software development of your embedded applications.

Depending on your need, we can assure a part or the totality of the application development on ARM architecture.

No matter if your application needs a real-time operating system or a bare-metal solution, Koncepto will be up to your expectation.

Our know-how covers the totality of the spectrum of embedded systems:

  • Bootloader (update system) OTA or wired
  • Automatic control / Regulators
  • Sensors reading
  • Display (LCD / OLED / e-paper / …)
  • Wired communication (CAN / RS485 / …)
  • Local Wireless communication (WiFI / Bluetooth / …)
  • Wireless communication (GPRS / SigFox / Lora / …)

The chance to master all of those technologies allows us to develop your embedded solution.